ocean shipping-开元游戏大厅合集

ocean shipping-开元游戏大厅合集


nanjing jianghai group’s holding company, nanjing ocean shipping co., ltd. (nasco) was established in 1988. it is one of the largest comprehensive ocean shipping companies in jiangsu province. the company mainly operates international ocean cargo transport business, and with international ship management, crew manning, international shipping agents, ship engineering and supplies, ship brokering as her sidelines. due to reliable and satisfactory services, the company enjoys a high reputation among chinese local ocean shipping enterprises and great brand influence.

the company logo is inspired from the ancient chinese philosophy: the dao engenders one; one engenders two; two engenders three; and three engenders the myriad things, which is an exact reflection of our business concept of “one proven
approach applies to many other situations”.
company structure
the company holds the international ocean shipping business and her auxiliary business qualifications issued by the ministry of transport of the people's republic of china, established a completely scientific quality and safety management system (qsms), reached the standards of china classification society’ ism code and passed iso9001:2000 quality control system.
business qualifications
fleet capacity
by the end of 2010, 35 ships are under the management of nasco, of which 10 vessels are under construction and will be put into use by the end of 2011. it is estimated that the total capacity under the control of the company will reach 1.25 million dwt by then. the total capacity becomes the no. 1 in the jiang su province and among the top ten rank in china.